While we do not necessarily ascribe to a central dogma, the evolution of the Chromotones is in other ways a genetic story.

For more than a decade, 23andMe had no a cappella group. Maybe we were too busy getting our code-on. Then in 2018 the nucleotides turned; a founder population realized we shared a karyo-ketype and created the Chromotones. Our success in a company variety show naturally selected us to recombine and our happy-lo group of neanderthal cousins now features dominant percussive traits and SATB polymorphism -- including a strong bass pair.

With a majority of our gene pool being new to a cappella and performing, our rough edges are part of our charm. And although we're not all genetically predisposed to match musical pitch, our phenotypes are proof that DNA ain't destiny.

Chromotones 2.png