What is Techapella?

Our history... 

For the past seven years Techapella has been known as an a cappella concert series, showcasing the tech industry's employee-organized a cappella groups. We've grown to an aca-family of over 25 groups, representing notable Bay Area companies with groups names like The Vocal Network, Googapella and Alphabeat, The Chromotones, inTune, and many more! Can you guess where these groups all hail from?

Our flagship community event is the Techapella showcase concert. This year we’re hosting FOUR unique shows across two days, featuring 19 groups with over 200 performers gracing the stage. The non-competitive concert setting allows our performers to collaborate with fellow aca-nerds from other corporations and show off their collective talent in a vocal spectacle that continuously draws sold out crowds. Groups perform a dynamic spread of tunes ranging from the latest pop hits, jazz and choral ballads, and some throwback classics. You will even hear the occasional beatbox battle!

Visit the ‘Shows’ page of our website to learn more and snag tickets!

Changes abound...

2019 has been a big year for Techapella. We’ve grown from a scrappy club putting on a community concert, to a (still scrappy) registered non-profit corporation with federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit status! Our amazing growth over the last several years - thanks to our performers and our fans - gives us the opportunity to truly have an impact on our communities, and we plan to do just that with our new non-profit status.

Your ticket purchase contributes to our growth, and you can double your impact by donating directly to our non-profit organization. You can give your gift of any dollar amount via our donations page, or in person at any of our four concerts this year. We also love volunteer and in-kind support (scrappy, remember?); if you’d like to get involved, please reach out to info@techapella.org.

Expanding beyond our concerts...

Art has the power to connect people around shared passions, to build empathy, and ultimately to humanize. Techapella wants to highlight the real people who make up our community, whether you work, live, or play in the Bay, and we know that Art can be the catalyst.

Our goal is to advocate for and support music and arts programs within Bay Area corporations, whether they’re employee-led grassroots endeavors, or fully supported corporate offerings. We’ll then use our collective power to bring that Arts family outside of the corporate world and into our local neighborhoods, financially supporting and volunteering for existing programs, and securing creative spaces and programs. 

Please help us to grow by donating monetarily, in-kind, or volunteering with our organization.